God, give me the wisdom to understand that backing off doesn't mean I'm a coward.

Let me see that others love me and depend upon me hanging around awhile.

Let me keep my mind on sportsmanship, and let me understand that a checkered flag doesn't always mean I really won.

Compassion, integrity, and love for my fellow man may at times deny me the checkered flag, but You know I'm not a loser.

Grant me the wisdom to keep my priorities in order, and the judgement to resist destroying the family budget.

Let me borrow from You the strength to take a loss on the track, and the opportunity to appreciate the joy in fighting a clean fight and shaking hands with the victor.

Impart within me the knowledge to understand that I'm only the driver, and when I win, it's often the sacrifices of others that really made it happen.

Let me entertain my fans with noble feats, with nothing to hang my head in shame over.

Let me be the kids' hero, the way heroes ought to be.

Give me a heavy foot, but a light heart to appreciate all the joys of racing.

And when I take my final flag, let me look back and say, "Thanks to You, I did it right"

Stay beside me as I go racing, I'll strap up, but hold me tight.

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